Error codes for Amana Top Load Washer

Amana is a household appliance brand from Amana Refrigeration, Inc. It is one of the most reputable companies in the United States. The company has been manufacturing refrigerators, ranges, and freezers for over a century. This makes it one of the most experienced manufacturers of home appliances in the country.

The company has a long history of providing great products and service to its customers. Since its establishment, Amana has been creating and designing a variety of products that will provide you with the best services and performance. Amana is known for providing a wide range of products, including air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, and more.

However, there are also some common issues that homeowners have with their Amana appliances. These issues can lead to dangerous situations and even expensive repairs. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive guide on how to identify these common issues so that you can be able to solve them quickly and effectively. Let’s check out some of the common problems and their possible solutions.


The washing machine is not draining properly. Sometimes the problem may be an installation problem.

F# E# or F##

This is a system error code. Press start once and pause again to clear the code. Press start again and pause again to restart the washer.


There are hot and cold hoses that have been installed incorrectly (reversed). Then, during the wash cycle, this code will be applied. That code indicates that the cold water hose is connected to the hot water inlet and the hot water hose is connected to the cold water inlet.

Turn off all the water, and turn all the hoses over to the right side. If it is impossible to confirm that the hoses are correct, try again. Refer to the installation instructions for questions that may relate to the hose installation.


The lid is not locked. It is possible that something in the load is preventing the lid from locking. Check the lid for any items that are under it. You should also check for detergent buildup on the lid lock mechanism.


There is a lock on the lid that cannot be unlocked. It is possible that there are objects on the lid of the washer that prevent it from unlocking. Remove things, like a basket of laundry, from the top of your washer.

LF, Lo FL or F8 E1

It seems that the washing machine is taking too long to fill. It is possible that there is some problem with the water supply that goes to the washing machine. Check the water supply: Turn on the water supply and check the water supply in your home, and check that the hot and cold water faucets are turned on. Make sure to open both of the faucets completely to allow the water to properly flow. It is necessary to have hot water and cold water supplied to the washer.


This code indicates that the lid of the washer was left open. Close the lid and the display will be clear. When the lid is left open longer than 10 minutes, the washing cycle will reset, and the water in the washer will drain.

If the washer has drained, then it is time to start the cycle over. Do not add additional detergent, because the clothes are already saturated with water and detergent.


The washing machine load is too large. When there is an overload of detergent and water, the washer will drain all of that water. You need to remove several items and add detergent. Close the lid and press start and pause.

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