Error codes for Bad Boy Mower

Bad Boy Mower is a brand of equipment from ABB, Bad Boy Mowers. Bad Boy is a leading manufacturer of power equipment that provides solutions for residential and commercial properties. The company has been around since some time ago and is known for its commitment to providing excellent products and services to its customers.

Bad Boy Mower has developed a range of power equipment that can be used in many applications. The company manufactures lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, leaf vacuums, generators, snow blowers, and much more. The products are designed to provide excellent solutions for residential and commercial properties.

However, there are often some common issues that homeowners have with their Bad Boy Mower editions that can lead to dangerous situations and even expensive repairs. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive guide on how to identify these common issues so that you can be able to solve them quickly and effectively. Let’s check out some of the common problems and their possible solutions.

Electric deck lift problems

If you have an electric deck lift on your Bad Boy mower, you could have problems, such as the actuator failing to lift or lower the deck. In this case, it could be the shaft that is failing when the shaft is screwed in and out, even if the actuator spins. To repair your actuator and solve your electric deck lift problems, you must unscrew the actuator and check that there is moisture on the actuator housing. Check to see if the housing has been sealed properly.

If your house is poorly sealed, it is possible to install a sealant gasket in order to correct the problem. If it is still possible that there is rust on the screw shaft’s sleeve, clean that up, apply grease, and check again to see if your deck now lifts and lowers correctly.

Transaxle and hydraulic problems

Bad Boy mowers have a good suspension system that makes riding smooth and allows the mower deck to be stable when mowing uneven terrain. Also, you will get an unmatched, smoother and cleaner cut.

Similarly, transaxle and hydraulic problems could cause your bike to be rough and produce bad cut quality cuts on your grass. It is bad for turfgrass that are sensitive and need a clean cut and high mowing height.

The mower pulls to one side

One other common problem that you may have with your Bad Boy mower is the alignment issue. As you mow your lawn, the tractor pulls up to one side, so that it easily gets off the mowing track.

That is a steering problem. No matter which direction you want the mower to go, it often deviates from the mowing line and goes in the wrong direction.

It is true that Bad Boys have a 50’’ deck where their mower is, but the good news is that you can easily diagnose your zero turn mower and even fix the problem in many cases.

If the tires on your Bad Boy tractor are not inflated, it will droop to one side. One easy way to get it is to check the tire pressure, making sure that all the wheels have the pressure that the manufacturer recommends. This should be enough to fix the problem.

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