Error codes for Electrolux Washing Machine

Electrolux is a household appliance manufacturer that is known for producing high-quality products. The company has been in the industry for many years and has a wide range of products to choose from. One of the products that Electrolux has designed is the Washing Machine. It is one of the most popular household appliances and is used by millions of people around the world. The design of this appliance makes it look attractive and appealing to most people.

The performance of this product is also excellent. It features a sleek design that makes it look elegant and modern. It usually comes with several options such as auto drying, steam, self-cleaning, anti-bacterial technology, and much more. These features make it easy for you to get an excellent clean every time you use it. This product comes with several colors so that you can choose one that matches your house’s interior decor perfectly.

However, there are also some common issues that homeowners have with their Electrolux Washing Machine editions that can lead to inconvenient situations and even expensive repairs. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive guide on how to identify these common issues so that you can be able to solve them quickly and effectively. Let’s check out some of the common problems and their possible solutions.


The water level has not reached a certain level within the set time. After that message is displayed and the machine is reset, it is possible that the machine will try again.


The doorway is open. A signal from a microswitch which checks the status of the door during the program. After that message is displayed and the machine is reset, it is possible that the machine will try again.


The door is unlocked. There is a microswitch signal that detects when the door is locked. This is an important feature of the program.


NTC low temperature. When the temperature is below the lowest level that is allowed, there is a circuit open in the temperature sensor.


NTC high temperature. It is above the maximum allowed temperature (short-circuit in temperature sensor).


Water in a drum. There is more water than at the beginning of the program when the ground was empty.


Item not drained. When the draining sequence has finished, the water level will still be higher than the EMPTY level.


Unbalanced sensor fault. The unbalance switch must be closed when the machine starts to drain.


No motor comm. When the PCU and the motor control unit communicate, that is interrupted or disrupted.


The level calibration. Every machine is set up on a basis of one level at the factory. When those calibration values are missing or fall outside the range of acceptable values, an error warning will be flagged at each program start-up. You can still start the program by pressing the start button. It will set standard values, meaning that the levels will not be as exact as intended.


Stop immediately. The emergency stop button must be pressed.

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