Error codes for Midmark M11 Autoclave

Midmark is a manufacturer of medical products that is based in the United States. The company was founded in 1967 and we know it for being one of the most popular medical equipment manufacturers in the United States.

Midmark offers a variety of different products, such as blood oxygenators, blood gas analyzers, pulse oximeters, surgical instruments and other medical products. If you are having issues with your Midmark product or if you encounter errors while using your medical equipment, then you troubleshoot the error code.

After that, try to find a solution on that code. This error can occur when there is an issue with your device. Here are some error codes that you should know.

Error Code: E001

The first error code is E001. This code is an error code that appears because of a sudden power interruption. A power outage causes this error. You can try to fix this error by switching off the device, then restarting it. After you restart the device, you can use the device again.

Error Code: E002

Another error code that you should know is E002. This code appears when you accidentally stop the machine in the middle of the process. You can try to fix this error by using the button that you see on the screen.

After you do that, your machine will continue to work as usual. If you still find an error on the machine, try to restart again and try to begin the entire process from the very beginning.

Error Code: E003

The code E003 appears when someone accidentally presses the standby button during the process. This might cause errors on the device. Restart the device when this happens.

Error Code: E010

Error code E010 occurs when someone accidentally touches the front panel. You can also get this error if you accidentally drop your device or if you are not paying attention while operating your medical equipment. The screen will automatically turn off. Turn it on again manually.

Error Code: E020

Code E020 appears when there is a problem with the high voltage relay of your device. A connection lost to the power source might cause this problem, an incorrect battery and other problems.

To fix this error, first remove the device from service and then check all of its parts for a defect. If you still cannot fix this error, you need to run a further check on the device.

If some errors keep happening on the same device, call the customer support and get further help. Their service is available for 24 hours.

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