Error codes for Valorant

Valorant, arguably the most well known and most played of all multiplayer games, has errors and bugs. Some of the most annoying error codes in Valorant are related to the network or the server side hiccups. Valorant’s errors are simple to fix; Riot Games has provided fixes for every error code in the game.


Riot Games’ first-person shooters feature a 5 v 5 online multiplayer modes, much like the popular Counter-Strike game. It very much relies on having a live player to play with, which results in it having to use a number of different servers to get the best possible matchmaking experience. The software also needs an anti-cheating client, called Vanguard, to run in the background, thereby increasing the error possibilities.

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Code “4” means you have an invalid display name. To fix it you need to:

  • Go to
  • Authentication will be done by sending an email or by sending an SMS to all registered users of Riot Games
  • You should now be on the page of Riot Account Management
  • Choose ‘Riot ID’ on the left menu
  • In this form, enter the new Riot ID you want to use, then click the Save button. You can change your Rio ID absolutely free of charge, but you can only change it 1 time per month.


Code “29” means that you have a network issue. To fix it you need to:

  • In your search box, search for ‘Windows Defender Firewall’, then click it.
  • Select ‘Allow a program through the Windows firewall’.
  • Select the ‘Change Settings’.
  • Delete any current Riot Client and VALORANT entries, after that submit a new one with the button ‘Allow another app’.
  • Locate the C:\Riot Games\VALORANT\live\VALORANT.exe for the newest firewall exceptions, then select OK.
  • On the firewall exceptions, select all the boxes for VALORANT, then select OK.
  • To submit an exception for our Anticheat at C:\Program Files\Riot Vanguard\vgc.exe, repeat the process above, then select OK.
  • One more time, repeat the process above to submit an exception for the Launcher at C:\Riot Games\Riot Client\RiotClientServices.exe, then select OK.


Code “8-21” means that you have a problem with the Riot Client. To fix it you need to:

  • Close the game, then exit from the Riot Client
  • Open the Task Manager or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc, then see whether they are closed fully
  • You may need to choose ‘More Details’ to check every running apps
  • Find, then close any instance from the VALORANT or Riot Client if visible
  • Start again the Riot client, then log into the game


Code “51” means that there is a problem creating a party. To fix it you need to:

  • Close the VALORANT.
  • Close also the Riot client.
  • Open the task manager or by pressing Ctrl+shift+Esc
  • Select “More details.”
  • See whether the Riot client or VALORANT still runs.
  • If they do, choose them, then press “End Task.” (Ensure you are not closing the Vanguard)
  • Now, restart the client, then log into the game.
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