Error codes for Virgin Media

Maybe you’ve received an error message when you try to view some TV programs on Virgin. Many people experience error codes when they try to access some of the services that you use on Virgin TV. Some errors may be caused by problems with one of the services that you use, such as an inability to log in to the website or an issue with one of the apps that you use. Other issues may be related to the device that you use.


7400 means your TV box is not able to access your Virgin Media account. It’s actually quite easy to fix, and it only requires a few steps to be solved. You need to look at the light color on your device to indicate what the problem is. White light means that the device is ON. Try to restart it and make sure that the Ethernet cable is attached. Red light means that the device is on standby. Press ‘Home’ on your remote and when you take your device from standby, you will need to power it up using the power cord. Amber light means you have a fault in the box, and you need to restart the device. If your device does not show any light, that tells you that the TV box is disabled. You need to make sure that the power button on the box is turned on. Next, make certain that there is enough cable to power the TV and that everything is connected correctly.


C130 means that your device is not connected to the internet. To fix this, you should make sure that you are logged into your device by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. The next thing that must be done is go to ‘Help and Settings’, then ‘Settings’, after that ‘Network’, then ‘Change Network Settings’, and finally Connect to Wi-Fi.

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WO2 means that there’s a signal problem. This is caused by cables that are not connected correctly to your TV box. If all the cable connections are in place on your device, you will need to power it up from the power socket and then test that it is working.


C133 means there is a problem with the connection. If your TV box has an active Ethernet connection, then you need your TV set up properly and to ensure that all the cables are plugged in. Next, hit the ‘Home’ button on your remote, and you should see the main menu. Next, you have to check if you are connected to Wi-Fi by Help & Settings>Settings>Network>Change Network Settings>Connect to Wi-Fi.


N27 means you have a network connection issue. To fix this, switch the TV off and turn off your Wi-Fi router. Next, make sure the WI-FI cables are plugged into the correct ports on the wireless network hub. Then, test that the cables are connecting correctly to the TV box. Next, plug the Wi-Fi hub in again to enable it to operate. Lastly, switch the TV back on.


S101 means that your TV box does not have access to the correct channel information. You may need some special instructions based on the color of the light that is on the display of the device. If it shows a white light, you must restart the TV and the network interface. Then make sure that the Ethernet cable is connected correctly between the TV box and the Wi-Fi hub. If it shows a red light, you need to press ‘Home’ on your remote, and then restart your device. If it shows an amber light, you should try restarting your computer and waiting for 10 minutes to see if the light on the screen is changing color.

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