Error codes for Toyota Pallet Jack

Toyota makes a wide variety of different vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and cars. Some of the vehicles that Toyota makes have a variety of different features that make them useful. Toyota trucks feature a feature that allows them to use a pallet jack in order to move large objects. Pallet jacks are very useful because they can do a variety of different things. They are used a lot in warehouses and other industrial settings.

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Toyota pallet jacks are available in many different sizes and shapes, and they also have various features that make them useful. Some of the models have capacities that are much larger than what is needed for most situations.

But Toyota pallet jacks are not immune to errors. Error codes are a common problem that people experience with Toyota pallet jacks. Toyota pallet jacks often give error codes that are difficult to fix. They can cause a variety of different problems. This article will look at some of the most common error codes that are associated with pallet jacks manufactured by Toyota, and it will give some useful tips on how to fix them.


Engine specification determination error. The engine cannot start when it should. Limitation of maximum speeds and handling of heavy loads due to limited engine power output.


Idle and NMR switch simultaneously ON error. Continuation of engine idling while the vehicle is moving. Continued engine idling after turning off engine.

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CPU error. Pallet jack function not working. The idle function continues to work even when the engine is turned off. Maximum speed is limited. Some functions are not available. Automatically increases the idle speed during lifting limits.


Speed sensor abnormalities. A normal driver cannot start the vehicle. Speed indicator shows 0 km/h. Temporary limit on rear wheel control function. The knob compensation function only partially operates. Partially limited ability to control the drive system.


Load sensor open abnormalities. Some models of Toyota forklifts have limited capacity, and as a result they cannot move heavy objects. Limitation of the function that controls the rear wheel swings of the vehicle. Limitation of the forklift/pallet jack control function on some vehicles. It is impossible to read the load indicator. It is not possible to load the vehicle.

In order to reset the maintenance light on a Toyota forklift/pallet jack, you must first set a password that allows you to access a special menu that is accessible only to admins. From here, the maintenance time meter is set.

In order to complete the steps shown above, you must enter certain combinations that are displayed in the dashboard display as shown below. For easy reference, the buttons that are used to perform these instructions are labeled A through D.

Hold down buttons A and B simultaneously for 2 seconds. Usually, a short beep will sound at the start of each second that is needed and when the time has passed.

It is also very important that you press and hold the buttons C and D simultaneously for 10 seconds. Another beep should sound immediately after you have released the button. Repeat the above procedure by pressing button C again within 10 seconds in order that another short beep will sound.

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